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HD-SDI Cameras 1080p [All]

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Why HDcctv?

HD CCTV allows HD quality using exsiting cabling and intrastructure. It looks better than PAL/NTSC. HDcctv is a digital interface that delivers HDTV signals without any compression artifacts or transmission-related delays. HDcctv fits the cost-effective system architecture that has proven so useful for conventional CCTV systems. As a result, HDcctv unlocks HD for CCTV customers. 

Until recently, the only option for HD resolution was to adopt MP IP cameras. Now, HDcctv cameras are an alternative. With HDcctv, security installers no longer need to extend a local-site IP LAN all the way to every HD camera mount in order to deliver the benefits of HD video. HDcctv 1.0 cameras re-use most existing coaxial cables, making it possible to easily upgrade some CCTV cameras, one by one, to Digital HD surveillance without any fuss. Meanwhile, by sending the video signal with no compression and without delay, HDcctv cameras usually deliver better live views than the MP IP camera alternatives. These advantages makes HDcctv cameras worth considering also for applications that blend local-site security operations with remote, IP-network-connected security management.

General Features:
Uncompressed high quality HD Video-Real Time without delay, Digital transmission over RG59 coaxial cable (up to
300' depending on cable specification), Extend cable distance by use of Repeater, Simultaneous HD-SDI and Composite Video , True Day/Night, 12VDC
Resolution/Frame Rate: 3MP/Full HD: 1920x1080 30/25fps, 1.3MP HD: 1280x720 60/50 fp

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  • Dome Camera 1080P HD-SDI/EX-SDI/CVI/CVBS SD3260

    52.00* Bulk buy

    WAS 57.00


    • 1080p / 960H
    • Vandalproof IR Dome Camera
    • IR range: 20M
    • 3.6mm Lens
  • Camera HD-SDI 40SFHD-IR Full HD IR Bullet Camera 3.7mm


    WAS 145.00


    • Uncompressed high quality Full HD video with full frame rate
    • Standard 1.485G/s video interface
    • HD video transmission up to 100M
    • No additional installation cost. (Compatible with existing coaxial cables)
    • Sony 1/2.9 inch Progressive scan 2M SONY CMOS Sensor
    • Up to 1920X1080 30p resolution
    • Diverse video outputs for diverse applications. ( HD-SDI & Composite )
    • 2D/3DNR (Digital Noise Reduction)
    • RS-485 Interface for external control of OSD ( Using controllers, etc. )
    • Privacy Masking
    • Night Sensitivity up to 10M
    • 12VDC
  • Camera HD-SDI Bullet HD-SDI, 1080P, 2.1Megapixel MDC-H1290F


    WAS 125.00


    • Highly recommended
    • HD cctv Mini Bullet Camera [Dual HD-SDI and analog feed]
    • 1/3" Progressive CMOS Sensor
    • 4.0mm Fixed Lens
    • Progressive Scan, 1080p
    • De-Fog, D. Zoom, Motion Detection, Privacy Mask
    • 25pi, 12VDC
  • Camera HD-SDI Full HD Box Camera VC59SFHD2 3198



    • - Uncompressed high quality Full HD video with full frame rate
    • - Patented intelligent IR protection technology
    • - Extended IR life cycle
    • - HD video transmission up to 100M
    • - No additional installation cost. (Compatible with existing coaxial cables)
    • - 1920X1080 25p/30p/50p/60p, 1280X720 50p/60p
    • - Enhanced WDR performance
  • Camera HD-SDI/CVBS High Def Smart Focus VN7XFHD2 5-60mm Motorised Lens


    WAS 245.00


    • Full HD: 1920x1080 30/25fps
    • Dual output - HD-SDI & Composite [Analog]
    • Digital HDTV over Coaxial Cable, up to 300'
    • Megapixel SONY CMOS Sensor for 720p or 1080p output
    • Uncompressed high quality HD video with full frame rate
    • Standard HD-SDI video interface compatible with HDcctv/HD-SDI DVRs
    • Privacy Masking with multiple Zones
    • DNR (Digital Noise Reduction)
    • DSS (Digital Slow Shutter)
    • Optical Photo sensor for accurate Day/night switching
    • RS485 & program buttons to control OSD
    • IP66 rated, Vandal Resistant Design

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Why HDcctv?

HDcctv DVRs and cameras have the same architecture as Analog DVRs and cameras
- HDcctv DVRs present the same GUIs as Analog DVRs
- Security customers are demanding ever-higher resolution on some video feeds while continually seeking for the least
- HDcctv cameras promise much lower total cost of ownership than megapixel IP cameras. The potential savings is
especially great when adding a few high-resolution cameras to an existing CCTV system
- HDcctv cameras do not compress video for transmission, so they provide higher quality video than megapixel IP
cameras with near zero latency

High Detail
HD-SDI Megapixel Camera will provide higher resolution
images with more details than a non-megapixel camera.
HD-SDI Megapixel Camera will create rich viewing experience
also when following moving objects.

Wide Coverage
HD-SDI Megapixel Camera can cover larger scenes than
analogue cameras at a given number of pixels per area.
One Full HD(1080p) Camera will cover wider areas with
no loss of image than the view of 4 analogue cameras.

Non-Compressed Full HD Video
HD-SDI video signals are not compressed or packetized
before transmission, so no compression image artifacts
or frame interruptions are observed.

res dia

Dome Camera 1080P HD-SDI/EX-SDI/CVI/CVBS SD3260

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