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Lanc 1.4/1.6 - Extension cable


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1409 Lanc 1.4/1.6 - Extension cable
inc vat  £10.80

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LANC extension cable makes it easy to extend the control range of the your camcorder or use a short cable to save your LANC socket on your camcorder. Let the extension cable take the punishment instead of the camcorder. The plug is designed low profile high quality moulded 2.5mm stereo plug. The cable is heavy duty 24AWG and UL aproved.

Key benefits

Extends the range.
Great when you need that extra length of cable so that you can control your camcorder when it´s out of reach.

Prolong the life of your camcorder.
By using the short 35cm LANC extension cable you can have it permanently connected to your camcorder and thereby reducing the stress of each insertion and ejection of the LANC plug does to your camcorder. Let the extension cable take the stress. A smart and inexpensive way of saving your camcorder.


Key features

  • low profile LANC connector
  • cable: PVC 24AWG UL2464
  • four available lengths


  • Length 35 cm / 13.8 inch
  • Length 100 cm / 3.3 feet
  • Length 200 cm / 6.6 feet
  • Length 500 cm / 16.4 feet

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