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Vision Network IP

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  • Camera IP Vision VC58SM3Ti 3 Mega Pixel True Day & Night Box Camera


    WAS 298.00


    • 3 Mega Pixel
    • True Day & Night Box Camera
    • QXGA (2048 x 1536) resolution with 20 fps
    • Full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution with 30 fps
  • Web Server NVS102 1 Ch [Vision]


    WAS 145.00

    OOS - On order

    • Dual Stream of H.264 and M-JPEG
    • 2 Way Audio, PoE
    • PTZ Control
    • Digital PTZ
    • Analog Video Loop-out
    • SD/SDHC Local storage, Event triggered, scheduled and continuous recording supported
    • 1 Port analog video loop-out port (Concurrent use of IP video & CCTV)
    • External microphone input & speaker output connector

Bulk buy *Discounted Multibuy price

Competitiveness of VISION IP Video
Visionhitech, with its proven technology and quality, ensures the most competent IP
video products and solution from mega pixel lines to D1 as well as NVR solution. By
choosing Vision IP Video, you may challenge successfully for the upcoming and
blooming IP era.

Megapixel image and standard D1 image a re r eady a ccording t o u sers'
environment and needs.
Visionhitech provides diverse IP camera products from D1 to full HD range, which
enables you to choose whatever IP cameras according to your user environment and
Progressive scan image processing and de-interlaced D1 image processing enables
crystal clear image quality. Those imaging technology of the most natural color
reproduction, enhanced low light sensitivity, super WDR, etc. has been the strongest
edge of Visionhitech for over 15 years since its incorporation.

Multi streaming of H.264 and M-JPEG
Vision IP camera supports both H.264 and M-JPEG streaming simultaneously which
enables diverse use of surveillance video. Full HD resolution of 1920x1080 full framed
H.264 video streaming comes as first streaming while M-JPEG video streaming is also

Smart Focus Technology enables Quick and Easy Lens Focus on GUI
For mega pixel cameras, it is very hard to get exact focus from the installation field as
they usually use compact video tester to focus the lens. Apart from SD grade analog
cameras, for mega pixel cameras, getting genuine focus from this small SD video
screen via composite(CVBS) test video is really troublesome and hard to finish. From
this back ground, Visionhitech have provided Smart Focus Technology on its mega
pixel IP cameras, which enables quick and easy focus of lens by just clicks on the
button on the GUI. You don't need stay so long on the staggering ladder to get lens
focus while installing IP camera.

Hybrid video of IP and analog
Vision IP camera and video server support both IP video through Ethernet and analog
composite video out simultaneously. Hence users can utilize IP camera and video
server with IP video solutions or equipment as well as analog CCTV systems. When
your system is migrating from analog to IP, Vision IP products enable hybrid use of
them with one product.

Quick and easy, plug & play setup
By just hooking-up an Ethernet connector onto Vision IP video products, users can
easily find their IP camera in their network and by click it from list, setup is to be
finished. Besides, it supports UPnP function, which makes it more easy and

Vision NVR Pro or Lite, which comes with Vision IP video supports all key functions
essential for a state-of-the-art digital security system, such as LIVE VIDEO, SEARCH
& PLAYBACK, EVENT VIEWER and e-MAP. Besides, client-server based NVR
enables multiple connection of NVR's and IP cameras onto one system, while enabling
LIVE, SEARCH & PLAYBACK as well as EVENT MANAGEMENT of all those connected
NVRs and IP cameras.

Open Platform IP Video
Vision IP video supports open IP video platform of ONVIF, which ensures
interoperability with those prominent 3rd party surveillance solutions like MILESTONE,

Full Line-up of Cameras
Visionhitech provides full line-up of IP cameras from basic box cameras to Full HD
high speed dome cameras, IR bullet cameras, etc. Hence, any large project can be
implemented by using Vision IP cameras only, without mixing one or two kinds of other
manufacturer's IP camera.