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Wireless TX & RX

Wireless CCTV equipment 2.4Gz

We are delighted to introduce the revolutionary range of 2.4 GHz wireless products. These products are designed to transmit any video source (for example, TV, cable or satellite signals) around the house without the need for drilling holes to lay cables. They send crystal clear audio signals too!Connect with any of our CCTV cameras, use mini, board, audio or waterproof cameras.
Wireless systems are useful when cable cannot be used.  They will operate Colour and B/W with audio.  They operate on the approved 2.4Ghz frequency and are 100% legal for use in the UK and most of Europe.  They offer excellent picture quality and approx 100 metres in ideal conditions, average distances when in a building are between 50 to 100 metres.  They can work to a greater distance!  (export model available - will transmit about 1km)